workbench set up and ready to go!

I got my workbench and have it all set up and ready to go! I am excited to finally have a place to make jewelry again! I have so many ideas running around in my head that I am not sure where to start!  I know it will be fun and that there will be some new items added to my website soon.  I also have some items already made that I need to add to my website so look for those as there will be changes coming!

I just arrived in North Carolina, and am living on 4 acres about an hour from the outer banks.  I have nature all around me and plenty of inspiration for my jewelry designs.  I am already watching the dragonflies and the enjoying the trees and the clear sky thinking of how to incorporate this beauty into jewelry.  Right now my studio is still filled with boxes but as soon as I get it cleared out and set up I plan to make some new pieces and will put them on the site as soon as they are finished. I will blog about them as I make them and post some pictures so you can see how they are coming along. Until then, have a wonderful day!

Well, I am now working on something that is part of the jewelry business it would seem. Taking photos of my work. I have some jewelry that I want to post on my website for sale but had the problem of not having any photos of it yet.  My husband was nice enough a while back to make a light box for me and I am experimenting with my new camera and getting it to work and getting the lighting correct for the photos. So the newest stuff I posted may get new photos posted later as I get better with my camera.  But I made some progress and there are quite a few new things for sale on my site. Most of it is sterling silver jewelry and all hand crafted of course!

I am also working on some copper pendants in the studio and am getting ready to go down and try to finish them.  They are round pendants with different sized holes in them, pretty cool looking. I sold 2 at the Lemon Street Gallery so other people seem to like them as well. I am also going to start on some sterling silver rings with holes like the one posted on my home page. I wear that ring every day and I hope ya’ll like them as much as I do.  Look back for more posts as I plan to get in high gear in the studio and plan to post blogs often.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Today I am in the studio working on enameling projects. I love to use enamel because it adds such vibrant colors. Additionally, enameling many times produces surprising results because the final piece varies so much depending on the temperature of the kiln and how long each layer was fired. I have to layer the enamel and fire each time and some pieces take many many layers to reach the final result. Anyway, I am having a ball today, staying warm in my studio with the heat from the kiln keeping me nice and toasty!