Hi, my name is Vicki Ridgway and I want to thank you for visiting my site. I am a metalsmith and jewelry designer.


I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky.  My initial career goal was to become an attorney.  I attended Hanover College where I received my B.A. in philosophy.  Thereafter, I enrolled in the University of Louisville School of Law and received my J.D. in 1996.

After moving to the Appalachian area of Kentucky my love of nature and jewelry grew.  The love eventually became a desire to create jewelry inspired by nature.  In 2004 the Kentucky School of Craft was just opening in Hindman, Kentucky and I was able to take metals/jewelry classes.  I now have my own studio in my home in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Artist Statement

Jewelry is an extension of my love of nature.  Living in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky surrounded by beautiful green trees, colorful flowers and starry night skies inspired me to change my life and career. I want and need the natural world to be a part of what I do.  Much of my work incorporates themes such as the moon, leaves, and flowers. I like my designs to have organic shapes and to flow naturally rather than be ordered.  I enjoy working with metal and enjoy the feel of it in my hands.  Color through the use of stones or enamel is also important.  The natural world is full of color and I like my work to incorporate the colors we see around us.  Just as nature has many moods and is ever changing, my work changes with my perception of the natural world.  I want everyone to see the beauty of the world.  I can go outside and look at the evening sky and see endless possibilities.